Why lighting controls?
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Four reasons to invest in our lighting controls system:

  1. Save Energy: energy savings pay for themselves. Most projects pay for themselves in less than 5 years, some in less than 2 years.

  2. Improve Comfort: adjust the lights to your preference so that a room is never too bright or dim, or set lighting schedules throughout your building for convenience

  3. Lights last longer: reduce wear and tear and make lights last longer

  4. Comply with energy codes: most lighting upgrades require lighting controls to comply with local code

Why Wireless:

Wireless mesh networks are the most flexible and scalable approach to networked lighting controls.

  1. Devices are in constant communication with other devices eliminating range limitations. This makes our system fault-tolerant, should one of the devices lose communication and allow for a system that acts cohesively across zones.

  2. When a gateway is connected to the internet, users can remotely access the network. A gateway is also used to commission other devices in the network and can send the data to the internet using Ethernet or cellular connections. This aggregated data can then be available to monitor energy and cost savings earned from adding lighting controls

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