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Combating IoT and Lighting Controls Industry Challenges
Combating IoT and Lighting Controls Industry Challenges
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Every company breaking into a new industry is presented with a series of challenges ranging from product development to customer support. We are no different, but here is how our team and products overcome those challenges:

Industry Challenge

The Amatis Way

Lighting controls systems have a poor return on investment (ROI) for customers

We have the best price and the most attractive Tier 2 rebate program

Cyber Security Concerns within IoT

Everything we do is encrypted

Not every customer has the expertise required to commission our system

Our product is designed with the goal of simplicity in mind. We provide online training on our website and our app is as easy as → make a location, add devices, and use toggles.

High stock-keeping unit (SKU) count

Our SKU is low

Hard to understand designs

Our controls are designed into your space, with QR codes to track each device and a simple design

Bulk pricing

We break it down for you to show you the cost of each device, total, and ROI projections

Poor customer support

We have dedicated team members who are always one call or email away so that you can deal directly with us, bypassing distributors, and OEM reps.

Difficulties troubleshooting

With a low SKU and stateless programming, troubleshooting is easy. If that light isn’t turning on, your problem is probably associated with the device controlling that light.

Lack of customer support after install

Not only can you add re-commissioning service requests to your revenue stream, but you can do it remotely with our system.

Wireless interference with building systems. Low frequencies 400 and 900 MHz can interfere with devices like walkie-talkies.

Our system uses a similar, proven frequency to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (2.4GHz) that does not interfere with those frequencies or other systems in your building.

Difficult to design into a location

With a low SKU and a mesh network, type of device and range limitations are easily resolved so that anyone can start designing controls into their space with minimal training.

As we grow, there will always be room for improvement, so let us know how we can better serve you by chatting us.

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