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I want my lights off during the day
I want my lights off during the day
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I want to commission my lights so that they only turn on with a physical switch press during the day, and with either a switch press or occupancy in the evening.


If you are a company user, follow the steps below, if not contact your company user or submit a ticket below.

1. Log in to the Amatis App

2. In the left navigation bar, select the location you want the change to occur in.


3. Select the "Scenes" feature


4. Select the "Edit" icon on the bottom of the screen


5. Select the "Occupied" scene > select the trash can to delete it


6. Sync the devices


Keep in mind: this will delete occupancy during normal hours occupancy, if you have after-hours occupancy set up, you will have occupancy turn on/off the lights at that time.

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