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Smart Driver Troubleshooting Flow
Smart Driver Troubleshooting Flow
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My fixture is retrofitted with a Smart Driver, but my light is not turning on with a switch or motion control.


  1. Determine if the blue led is on/solid/blinking.

  2. If the blue led is on, try pressing the button to see if the panel toggles. If it does, it's probably a config/networking issue (like the wrong pan).

  3. If the blue led is off, try removing the daughter card. If the load comes on when it is removed, then replace the daughter card and follow steps to get the new one provisioned and commissioned.

  4. If the load stays off, replace the driver, or the driver and the panel, and move the original daughter card to the new driver.

  5. Confirm the blue led comes on and the load functions as normal when you press the button with the new driver.

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