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App changes are not reflected in the physical devices
App changes are not reflected in the physical devices
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My devices are not communicating the way I programmed them in the app.


When you make changes in the app, you will not see them reflected until you sync. This is because the app talks to the cloud, but if the app does not sync the changes, the cloud will not talk to the AMBR.

Steps to Syncing:

1. Log into your site in the Amatis App

2. Select the "Sync" feature in the left navigation bar


3. Select the blue "Sync" button in the bottom right


4. Wait until all devices are synced.

  • Do not log out before syncing all devices

  • If the devices do not all sync the first time, continue selecting the blue "Sync" button until they all sync

If your devices are still not syncing follow these steps to verify that the devices are communicating with the AMBR, if you are a company user.

1. Select "Terminal" from the left navigation bar


2. Confirm that all the devices are "Green". If you have devices that are red, please submit a ticket below. If they all are green, move to step 3.


3. Once you have done this and the window shows success, try syncing again.

In addition, if there is no sync feature and you made changes in the settings, submit a ticket below.

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