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Unable to communicate with a new device
Unable to communicate with a new device
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I am unable to communicate with a new device on my site from my Amatis phone app or


If you are a company user: Using the Amatis Border Router (AMBR) App, try confirming your device is communicating on the network. If you are not a company user, please continue to chat with us:

1. Log into the Amatis app

2. Select the "Config" icon in the left navigation

  • Confirm that the device has a green heart next to it.

  • If the devices are not green, verify that they have power

3. Select the "AMBR" icon in the left navigation.


4. Log into the AMBR

5. Select "Devices"


6. Press the ping icon for the device in the list

The ping icon:


7. Softreboot the AMBR

Follow the steps here: soft reboot

8. If it is a multi-AMBR site: Build Master Routes

If the device can be pinged from the AMBR app, and it has recently been moved to a child router from the master in a multi-AMBR configuration, navigate to "Build Master Routes" in the AMBR app main navigation.


9. Refresh the AMBR app

If your device has not been moved, or your network consists of only one AMBR:

  • If the device is not pingable and stale, make sure the device is powered up and within range of the AMBR.

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