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How can I replace a switch battery?
How can I replace a switch battery?
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Amatis offers two battery-powered switches, Switch B-SM (surface mount) and Switch-B-GM (gang mount).

To replace batteries in Amatis switches:

1. Remove the switch cover

Gently insert a small, flathead screwdriver on the left side of the cover, near the center.


2. Remove the switch board

Use a screwdriver again to gently remove the switch board.


3. Replace the coin cell batteries on the back side of the switch board

The switch board battery holder is engraved with a "+" label. Ensure the coin cell battery is inserted with the "+" side up. Slide the old batteries out of their casing, and replacing them with the new batteries.


4. Replace the switch board

Put the switch board back into the switch container, with batteries side facing inward. The board should be oriented with the writing facing right-side up.


Heads Up: Switch board MUST be underneath the backplate’s TABS before continuing.

5. Put the switch cover back on

To put the switch cover back into the switch container, place one notch in first, then use a screwdriver to make room for the second notch. Newer versions of Amatis switches say "TOP" on the inside of the cover, to note orientation.

If your switch cover is an older version that does not have the "TOP" labeling, reference the diagram below to ensure proper orientation:


The cover has GAPS in the sides that line up with TABS in the backplates.


The cover also has two pegs that line up with two corresponding holes in the backplate.


Using a small flat head screwdriver, placed between the rocker and backplate, push out on the backplate and using your hand, and push down the cover.


6. Test the switch

To confirm battery power is restored. Confirm the green LED light illuminates in the upper right corner when the switch is pressed. If the buttons do not click smoothly, the most likely issue is that the cover is upside-down.

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