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What does Over the Air Update (OTA) mean?
What does Over the Air Update (OTA) mean?
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Over the Air (OTA) Updating is a method to distribute new software, configure settings, and update encryption keys to our devices. OTAing will update all the software on the device and restart itself.

Can all Amatis Devices be OTA'd?

Yes, except for some switches that will need to be returned to us so that we can update them for you. If you think your switch needs updating, submit a ticket and we will follow up with you.

Which users are able to OTA devices?

Company, Administrator, or Tech mode users are able to OTA devices for their sites.

When should I OTA?

OTAing your devices will allow you to save time troubleshooting. As new firmware releases come out, an issue that you may experience could be fixed, so a simple update could be the solution.

How can I OTA my devices?

Follow this quick troubleshooting flow to OTA your devices.

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