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What is a data dictionary and how can I request it?
What is a data dictionary and how can I request it?
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What is it?

A data dictionary stores configuration parameters, energy totalizers, and other state parameters such as power consumption and output level for 6LoWireless devices.

Although relationships between events and actions are stored in the Action Function Table (AFT), the data dictionary complements it by providing the location for parameters such as ‘High-End Trim’, ‘Occupancy State’, and ‘Daylight Harvesting Tuning’.

How can I request it?

A GET request to the coap endpoint datamanagerlog is used to query a device for its data dictionary. It takes the following parameters:


Verbosity relates to the force parameter that is passed in. The following levels of verbosity in response are available:

  1. Return all meaningful datapoints

  2. Return every datapoint in the DD, across all force values

  3. Return ever datapoint in the DD, without names or units !?

  4. Returns an empty array for the one im working with….

  5. Return only the data to be logged every 5 minutes

  6. Return only writeable points

  7. Return advanced/hidden config

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