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Can AMBR integrate with a Building Management System (BMS)?
Can AMBR integrate with a Building Management System (BMS)?
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The AMBR can integrate with BMS using BACnetIP connection over ethernet/RJ45 to each AMBR on-site. We recommend the following:

1. Configure control scenes that you wish to trigger from BACnet using our interface.

2. These control scenes provide a standard writable point on AMBR, where you can “call” the scenes created in our system.

Examples include:

  • Turn lights on in the evening to a dim, constant output (set the light output to 30% and disable vacancy control)

  • Turn lights on in the morning to normal operation during the day (set the light output to default and enable occupancy control)

  • All lights on the full override

  • All lights off override

  • And any other custom scenes you wish to have control of via your BAS

As for schedules, we can trigger schedules either within our own system or via your BACnet system.

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