How to Add a New Site
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Your company won a new project and the Amatis devices have been installed throughout the site. Your customer is excited to see the power of what these devices could do, so you need to start the commissioning process. As the company user, there are 2 ways to add a site:

Follow these steps to add a site through the Amatis Dashboard:

1. Log into your Amatis Dashboard


2. Ensure that your left-hand bar is set to “Sites” > Select the green “Add New Site” button


3. Fill in the Device ID > Save. Note: The Device ID is the full Mac Address of the Master AMBR; you get to choose the Master AMBR!


4. The rest of the site information will unlock > Customize your fields > Double check that the information is accurate before hitting "Save"


5. Select "Sites" in the left navigation and your new site will appear! If it doesn't, hit refresh.


Follow these steps to add a site through the Amatis App:

1. Log into your Amatis App and click "Create new site" when the site menu pops up.

2. Fill in the following fields and select "Submit"


3. Refresh your page

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