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Can I use the Amatis App to dim lights in my space?
Can I use the Amatis App to dim lights in my space?
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There are multiple ways to dim the lights in your space. Choose the strategy that best supports your space needs:

  1. Use dimmer trim to tune your high and low light levels to dimmed percentages. The high-end trim helps you define what the highest light level allowed in the space is. So 100% high-end trim, would output 100% light capability of the fixture. Adjust to a lower percentage to set that as the new highest level.

  2. Enable slider control to manually adjust light level in your space.

  3. You can also enable normal hours and/or after-hours occupancy modes and set occupied and vacant light levels to a dim percentage.

  4. Enable daylight harvesting to adjust the light level at a time based on incoming sunlight.

  5. Use the scheduling feature to automatically adjust the light level on individual days and times, or in larger recurring frequencies, like weekly instances.

The Amatis system complies with the following dimming standards: ANSI C82.11 and IEC 62386-102 DALI.

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