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Energy Dashboard Releases
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Version 3.2

Release Date: 04/08/2020

New Features:

  • You can now add as many β€œadmin-level users” per site as you want. Previously we only supported one admin per site.

  • Company users now have the ability to change the role of users they manage.

Bug Fixes:

  • When creating a new user, they would not get automatic access to both their site in the app and the dashboard. That was less than ideal, so after a bit of fiddling, we restored the ease of making a new user.

  • The dashboard was wiping site access from company users, taking away your ability to troubleshoot and look at the energy savings data. 😱 But, that was yesterday's problem.

  • The dashboard decided that company users timezone should be set to mountain time causing confusion when attempting to graph data from sites that live in other timezones. But we fixed it! πŸ˜…

Version 1.8

Release Date 07/01/2015

New Features:

  • New Favorites buttons β™₯

  • We cleaned up custom graphing to make your experience a little easier!

  • You no longer need to hit refresh to get up to date data! The dash will do it for you, automatically updating as new data comes in.

  • Updates to the site configuration form

  • Super Admin User updates

Bug Fixes:

  • Graphing centered in timeline

  • Schematics Toolbox issues

Version 1.7

Release Date 07/01/2015

New Features:

  • Add next/previous period πŸ”

  • Graphing layout updates to show and hide time periods time

Bug Fixes:

  • For aesthetic appeal, your graphs are now centered on the timeline!

Version 1.6

Release Date 07/01/2015

We cleaned some stuff up that did not impact your experience.

Version 1.5

Release Date 06/12/2015

New Features:

  • If you are a company user, you can now set a company ID to a new site you create to grow your fleet!

  • We gave you a second way to add a user to a site. βž•

  • Added clickable datapoints

  • Custom charts now have a timestamp to show on-site activity! ⏲

  • Schematic Navigation Added

Bug Fixes:

  • Datapoint fields show up on node configuration form

Version 1.4

Release Date 04/28/2015

New Features:

  • We made it easier for you to check on your site status by displaying status alerts ⚠

  • Is it easier for you to print and export PNGs? Well, we got you covered!

  • We touched up your default temperature graph with some color to make it look cool and easier to visualize 😎

Version 1.3

Release Date 04/07/2015

New Features:

  • Graphs upgraded to High Charts

  • Some people like to see their graphs on a screen, and others like it the old fashioned way, so we gave you the ability to print and export graphs as PNGs! πŸ“œβœ

  • Don't worry about having to recreate a graph each time you want to show the data, you can download the CSVs in graphing now!

  • Delta bar chart review

  • We said goodbye to device warnings that are more than 14 days old cause it was driving all of us bonkers!

  • Icon descriptions in site config have been freshened up!

  • Added code to track analytics

  • The AM-Solstive Temps are now on the default temperature graph for your convenience.

  • Schematic data point values showing 0

  • Your energy statistics widgets functions just got a little cleaner and a little more user friendly.

Version 1.2

Release Date 03/20/2015

New Features:

  • Your site permissions are now open πŸ”“, so make any general updates at your desire!

  • "since install" and "this year" energy produced difference sorted out

  • Updates to graphs if BTU is present

  • The energy calculator found a new home!

Version 1.1

Release Date 03/01/2015

New Features:

  • New unit and conversion change

  • Check your sites healthy with status notifications!

  • Program administrator updates

  • Graphing last few minutes live

  • Speed up node config API call

  • Updates to sleet site status

  • Time periods title changes

Bug Fixes:

  • The site ID was playing hide and seek for secondary users in the customer's index page, but we found it!

  • Schematics showing up in multiple sites

  • The schematics base was resizing images without asking you. But don't worry, we straightened it out!

Version 1.0

Release Date 02/01/2015

Other Notes:

  • We launched our energy dashboard to give you up to date energy data and allow you to customize the data you want to see with the graphing tool! πŸŽ‰

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