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Cross AMBR (XA) scenes are NOT a supported feature
Cross AMBR (XA) scenes are NOT a supported feature
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Release date: October 9, 2019


Amatis has always encouraged designing a space such that there is only ever one network in a given location. This means that all messages between the devices in that location will be sent and received purely over the wireless 6LoWireless mesh network, and do not need to be transferred from one Amatis Border Router (AMBR) to another. Because an AMBR is not required for devices to communicate with each other, this ensures success for the device to device communication by eliminating as many points of failure as possible.

Amatis does have a solution for the case where having two different networks in the same location is unavoidable, which we call Cross AMBR (XA) Scenes. This implementation relies on the ethernet backbone between Amatis Border Routers (AMBRs), and as such, is more fragile.

As implemented, this feature is ideal for switches that need to control an entire floor, long corridors, and some Building Management Systems (BMS) integrations. These are scenarios where an Amatis agent would deem XA scenes unavoidable.

All other scenarios where XA Scenes will provide an unacceptably poor customer experience.


  • Until further notice, any implementation of a Cross AMBR (XA) scene that Amatis does not see as unavoidable is not supported.

  • Any support of such an implementation will be at the cost of the customer.

  • We have made this decision after a lot of consideration, but due to the amount of time and energy it takes for us to maintain them, and their abundance on recent projects, we can no longer afford to support them. More importantly, recent implementations have left a terrible impression of our products with customers that have been forced to deal with them.


  • Ordering extra AMBR's or devices to manage your locations and devices:

  • 1 AMBR for every 100 devices or less

  • Ensure that your AMBR is only controlling devices within a 200-foot radius

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