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Introduction & Requirements
Introduction & Requirements
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This guide provides detailed instructions on how to install and set up the Amatis Controls lighting control system. This guide can be used by system integrators, certified electricians, and system administrators. For detailed information on how to configure and use the product, please refer to the Amatis Controls training on our website.


  1. For installation to be deemed complete:

  • all devices must be wired properly

  • ALC’s & Drivers must present a solid blue button

  • Switches must present a solid green LED when pressed

  • Sensors must present a solid green LED

  1. Amatis is not responsible for installing any devices at any time throughout the project.

  2. Amatis is not responsible for any wiring issues. We are able to indicate if the issue is related to wiring/physical, which we will inform you of, but we will not resolve.

  3. Amatis will NOT begin commissioning any devices until all power is on and the internet is connected. If you need a hotspot, please contact us immediately.

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