Install Smart Drivers
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Amatis Smart Drivers install much like other LED drivers. The line voltage and neutral wires are connected on one end, and the output is two different channels of DC low voltage to go to your LEDs. No additional wiring for 0-10V or other dimming input is required.

  • Connect Smart Drivers to nearby Sensor 2s with an RJ12 cable, using the provided 3-foot cable, or an extended 20-foot cable (sold separately).

  • Smart Drivers are two-channel with two pairs of positives and negatives.

  • In the event that you only have one LED tube, for instance, that you’re controlling with our smart driver, you should wire the channel-one and the channel-two in parallel to avoid damage to the smart driver. Take positive and positive, take negative and negative. Wire the two channels in parallel to supply the single LED.


Keep in Mind:

  • Each time you install a Smart Driver, add its QR code sticker to your reflected ceiling plan to label device location.

  • No additional wiring for 1-10V or other dimming input is required.

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