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Install Advanced Load Controllers
Install Advanced Load Controllers
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Advanced Load Controllers can switch a complete circuit or be used to control individual fixtures.

  • Zone control: When wiring for more than one fixture, it’s important to know that the power coming in to the load controller should be constant, or unswitched, and the power coming out of the load controller is now considered switched power. Only the fixtures or loads intended to be switched by the Advanced Load Controller should be wired in after the Advanced Load Controller.

  • To ensure that the lights remain on, if the Advanced Load Controller were to fail, we always wire lights to the Advanced Load Controller using the blue “normally closed” wire.

  • Connect Advanced Load Controller to nearby Sensor 2s with an RJ12 cable, using the provided 3-foot cable, or an extended 20-foot cable (sold separately).

  • As sensors receive power, LED green lights will appear. If motion is detected, the light will toggle to orange, and then back to green.

  • For easy mounting to a junction box or fixture, use the threaded connection that can go through a junction box or fixture knockout to secure the Advanced Load Controller.

  • This device is wired in between the building power and the switched load (receptacles or AC light fixtures)

  • Since ALCs are often some distance from the load they control, it is good practice to mark ALCs with an indelible marker with its designator. Its designator is the load it serves, not necessarily its physical location.


Keep in Mind:

  • Each time you install an Advanced Load Controller device, add its QR code sticker to your reflected ceiling plan to label device location.

  • Any unused wires should be capped off after installation.

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