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Switches come in two types – gang mount and surface mount. Both of these switches can be battery powered, though we also offer a wired version of the gang-mounted switch that requires 24V DC power.

  • If you have a battery-powered switch: pull the two battery tabs to activate the switch.

  • All switch types have "TOP" on the label for proper orientation when installing (reference image)

  • All switch types have a green LED located at the upper-right corner that illuminates when the switch is pressed.

  • If you have a gang-mount switch: mount into wall box like any other switch.

  • Take care that the switch is mounted to a flat surface. Torquing down too hard to an uneven surface may cause the switch to operate erratically.

  • If you have a surface-mount switch: use the included double-sided tape to mount.

  • During installation, any existing switches that could cut power to your circuit should either be wired out or wired out and replaced with Amatis switches.

Keep in Mind:

  • You should take one of the stickers from the switch box and affix to the front face of the switch during the construction phase so that the address can be easily read and reported without having to uninstall the switch.

  • Each time you install a Switch, add its QR code sticker to your reflected ceiling plan to label device location.

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