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Install the Amatis Border Router (AMBR)
Install the Amatis Border Router (AMBR)
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  • Provide power to the AMBR via the included 24V wall adapter.

  • This system requires an Internet connection to configure or reconfigure a site. Connect the AMBR to the Internet with the included ethernet cable.

  • Place the AMBR as close to where it's located in the floor plan.

  • Observe that the AMBR should be relatively central to other devices in the network, and unobstructed by metal, which could stop wireless signals from getting out.

  • After an AMBR receives power, it will go through a connection sequence that may take one to two minutes. When the center LED blue light is solid blue, AMBR is connected to the Internet. When flashing blue, AMBR is connected to the Internet and the Amatis cloud through a secure VPN connection. Share these network firewall requirements with your building owner or facility IT if the AMBR does not reach this state.

  • You cannot proceed with the programming of your site until your AMBR is properly connected and the blue LED is blinking on the device.

  • Add the AMBR’s 6 digit device ID (ends in 00F) to your Installer Guide.

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