First Power Up
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As Advanced Load Controllers and Smart Drivers receive power, the blue light will illuminate when communicating to a nearby AMBR, and has a flashing blue when powered but not communicating with an AMBR.

Advanced Load Controller

As sensors receive power, LED green lights will appear. If motion is detected, the light will toggle to orange, and then back to green.

As an AMBR receives power, it will go through a connection sequence that may take one to two minutes. When the center LED blue light is solid blue, AMBR is connected to the Internet. When flashing blue, AMBR is connected to the Internet and the Amatis cloud through a secure VPN connection. Speak with your building owner or facility IT team about potential firewall barriers if the AMBR does not reach this state.

Keep in Mind:

You cannot proceed with commissioning your site until your AMBR is properly connected.

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