Monitor and control plug load
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About plug load

Plug loads, or receptacle loads, refer to energy loads that are not related to lighting, heating, ventilation, cooling, and water heating. They are the energy used by devices that typically plug into AC power outlets such as computers, vending machines, and coffee makers. These devices remain ON when they are not being used, and are a good target for an automatic shutoff strategy to save energy in both new and existing construction. By using plug-load devices, you can control operating power and cut down on the amount of phantom power your building uses. As a result, your building will reduce energy costs.

Using ALC for plug load

Controlling and monitoring plugs can be done with the Amatis Advanced Load Controller (ALC). The ALC is a 20AMP load controller and relay that can be paired with an occupancy sensor to control circuits for plug load control.

Using the Amatis App, you can configure occupancy strategies for plug load energy savings.

Using the Amatis Dashboard, you can monitor and measure savings as a result of the plug load strategies you put in place.

The Amatis system meets automatic receptacle control requirements for California Title 24 and ASHRAE 90.1 2016.

Your Amatis design will indicate which ALC devices are planned for plug load, and will be labeled "PLUG." Installation for these devices remains the same.

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