Sensor Types
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It is best to place the sensors as close to the design indicated location as possible. Amatis has two types of sensors, and the most commonly used sensor type is Sensor 2.

Sensor 2

Sensor 2 is powered by an RJ12 cable connected to a Smart Driver or an Advanced Load Controller. Sensor 2 comes in two varieties - horizontal RJ12 connection and vertical RJ12 connection.


It is ideal for applications where the sensor is mounted in a ceiling tile, drywall, or any instance where it would be easiest to plug in an RJ12 cable from the topside.


This is best used when the sensor is positioned against a hard ceiling like a cement surface and the RJ12 should be plugged in from the side.


Sensor 1

The other type doesn’t have an RJ12 connection because it is capable of communicating wirelessly across the mesh network. This device has two wires for low voltage, 24V DC power.


The Level 2 Installation Training covers sensor placement and some helpful install tips:

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