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The Amatis App has 11 main sections, with varying accessibility based on the user level.


Add locations - new control zone areas - to your lighting controls site. Locations can be large spaces, like floors in a building, mid-size areas like conference rooms and office spaces, or small spaces like individual desks. Locations can be created for individual fixtures or light groupings.


Add lighting control devices to the locations. Amatis connected devices include the Advanced Load Controller, Smart Driver, Sensor1, and Switches. Devices in your Amatis Border Router's network can be added or removed from locations at any time.

Location Settings

You can customize how your new control zones behave: enable slider (manual) control to adjust light levels, tune high- and low-end trims for energy savings, adjust occupancy (vacancy timeout) for normal- and after-hours, customize daylight harvest settings, create sublocations, configure for plug load control, enable motion link between adjacent locations and enable demand response. Each feature you enable creates a set of scenes.


Scenes enable a more advanced configuration of location settings.


The terminal provides text-based access to the operating system, in contrast with the mostly graphical nature of the app's user interface, by providing a command line. This is only accessible to company users.


Company users can view devices and specific device tables, and perform device functions.


MQTT is a machine-to-machine (M2M)/Internet of Things connectivity protocol. Company users can get data from devices from the MQTT stream.


The Amatis Border Router (AMBR) app is integrated into the Amatis app for a better user experience.


Create or edit schedules for specific control strategies for individual days or in larger frequencies, like weekly instances.

Project Hub

Sites commissioned after August 2019, will have a Project Hub. Your sales or support representative will work with you to create this website after you complete your Project Kickoff.


You can log out of the app, edit your site name, change to another site (if you manage more than one), or create a new site.

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