Graphing data
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You can monitor lighting energy and controls savings using the graphing feature in the Amatis Dashboard.

  • The Lighting Energy graph shows your baseline energy compared to energy used in bar chart format, with a line graph for energy savings.

  • The Controls Savings pie chart shows energy used vs. energy saved.

Both graphs can be configured for varying time frequencies: minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years.


Graphing data

1. Select "Graphing" from the upper-right dropdown menu.

2. Choose time-frequency options located in the upper-left of the graph display.

3. In the "All Data Points" section on the bottom right, you can customize your graphs with data point filters, which are searchable by device ID.


4. Your selection will populate in the "Selected Data Points" section on the bottom left. You can choose to graph the data, choose a time-frequency, choose a graph type (line, bar or pie graph) and/or download it in .CSV format.

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