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Amatis Border Router (AMBR)
Logging into your Amatis Border Router
Logging into your Amatis Border Router
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The AMBR app is integrated into the Amatis app to enhance user experience. Keep in mind, the AMBR tab is only accessible to company and super users.

Follow these steps to log in:

1. Log into your Amatis App

2. In the left navigation, select the AMBR App feature


3. Log into the AMBR app


4. Upon login, you are connected to your local AMBR


If you are unable to log in through the Amatis app, follow the steps below:

1. Log into the local IP address of your Amatis Border Router (AMBR).

  • If you’re not familiar with IP scanners, we recommend Angry IP Scanner for desktop or FING from your mobile device.

  • Type in “LMBR-first three digits on your AMBR sticker.local"

  • Look for LMBR with the 3-digit site ID

  • Copy the IP address associated with the 3-digit site ID into your search bar. It’s likely that you’ll get a message that your connection is not private. This is expected and ok. Click on advanced and proceed to the IP.


2. Log into the AMBR app

Upon login, you are connecting to your local AMBR.

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