Daylight harvesting
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The light sensors on the Amatis sensors enable the ability for customizing daylight harvesting. Lights are automatically adjusted based on the ambient light level in a space using a "Closed Loop Daylighting" algorithm.


1. Enable “Daylight Harvest” by moving the slider in the location features tab.

  • You’re allowing your lights to dim when there is enough outside/ambient light coming in from the windows. You’re able to save energy and still maintain adequate lighting in the space.

2. Confirm that the correct sensor is reading light level.

  • Hit the identify icon and/or review your reflected ceiling plan.

3. Use the slider control to adjust the light level that is appropriate for that time of day.

  • Adjust the upper and lower bound ranges to what daylight harvest will achieve. Verify what light level is seen by the sensor, then select "Set currently measured light level as target".

  • When it’s bright outside, lights will be at the lower bound limit. When it’s dark outside, lights will be at the upper bound limit.

4. Select the bottom-right green checkbox.

  • If you X out of the location features tab without clicking the checkbox, your changes won’t be saved.

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