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Locations are new lighting control zone areas you create within your specific site or building.

Locations can be large spaces, like floors in a building, mid-size areas like conference rooms and office spaces, or small spaces like individual desks. Locations can be created for individual fixtures or light groupings.

You can also add sublocations for smaller spaces or more customization. For example, you can configure occupancy and daylight harvesting specific to sublocation.

Devices in sublocations are always considered to be inside the parent location and cannot be tagged into two sublocations. However, a device can be configured to act as if it is in two sublocations with motion linking, which enables users to adopt the motion group from an adjacent location to optimize the use of sensors and/or improve fault tolerance.

Create a sublocation

1. Select the locations icon in the upper left menu to open your locations tab.


2. Select the cog icon in the bottom right corner of the locations, enabling you to edit your current locations.

3. Select the plus sign icon next to the location you'd like to add to. You'll be prompted to name your sublocation.


4. Select the save (disk) icon.

5. Select the bottom-right green checkmark.

6. Select your new sublocation to add devices and configure location settings.

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