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Fault tolerance and alerts
Fault tolerance and alerts
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Fault tolerance

The 6LoWireless mesh network is a robust communication system used by all Amatis Controls devices to communicate commands and data across a building. Each device is in constant communication with other devices in the network thereby eliminating range limitations. This creates a system that is fault-tolerant should one of the devices lose communication and allows for a system that acts cohesively across zones.


Power for Advanced Load Controllers and Smart Drivers is indicated via the illuminated blue LED button, when communicating to a nearby AMBR, and have a flashing blue when powered but not communicating with an AMBR. Power for sensors is indicated via a green LED light.

Power and Internet connectivity for the AMBR is indicated through a successful lighting sequence ending in a flashing blue light.

In the Amatis app, offline devices are escalated in the “Errors” section. The Errors section of the app appears in the Locations tab if and when there is a device issue.


The Amatis Dashboard also provides alerts for connectivity issues.

Automated monitoring

The Amatis team is alerted automatically each time the Amatis App is unable to connect with a site's Amatis Border Router (AMBR). This alert prompts the Amatis team to investigate the following possible fail cases:

  • AMBR doesn't have power

  • AMBR doesn't have Internet access

  • VPN is down, http is down, and/or there is an operating system issue

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