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Blade Troubleshooting Guide
Blade Troubleshooting Guide
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Step 1:

Add the blade to your local area network.

Step 2:

Find blades ip address. There are several ways to do this:

  1. try https://nch300XXXX.local/ (where the serial number xxxx can be found the blade) if this fails consider installing avahi. Adarifruit can help

  2. use a network scanning tool like nmap or

Step 3:

Once the address of the blade has been discovered using a web browser to configure the device, https://[device ip] or https://nch300XXXX.local/ You will see a security warning, it’s expected, and means that the devices certificate can not be verified against the dynamic address above. The content is still encrypted.


Warning: Blade User interface is still in development, the user interface is slow, some options are not implemented, and some settings may take more than one try. Rest assured while the user interface is not ready the hardware is!

Step 4:

Enter the default password npsadmin and unlock (slow, wait for it!).


Step 5:

Select “ Set Voltages “ in the left window menu.


Step 6:

Set the desired voltage in mV (ie 14.12 volts is written as 1400 ) and “submit”.

Step 7:

Confirm the desired voltage with a meter and redo step X if the target is not attained.

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