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  1. Soft reboot

  2. Build Master Routes

  3. Keys

  4. Sync

  5. Update FW

The new phd-16 firmware (12002.01) uses SP26 to enable/disable channel-16 PWMing.

How it works:

SP26 = 0 means ignore PTR command and set channel-16 to 100% duty cycle. By default, SP26 is 0.

SP26 > 0 means execute PTR command and change channel-16 duty cycle.


1. OTA the PHD to 12002.01, if it doesn't have that fw version

2. After OTA is complete, all channels should be at 100% duty cycle and SP26 should be 0.

3. Turn off all 16 channels (thru an Amatis scene).
Channel-16 should remain ON (Chan status=100). Channels 1-15 should turn off (Channel-Status =0).

4. Change the PWM value for all 16 channels to any level (20% for example) and check individual Channel-Status. Channel-16 Status should show 100.

5. Change SP26 from 0 to any value between 1 and 100, then repeat steps 3 and 4. All channels, including channel-16 should respond to PTR commands at this point.


  • If SP26 value is already set to 1, for example, and channel-16 is at 50% duty cycle, changing SP26 to 0 will not change Channel-16 to 100% duty cycle until the next PTR command is received by the mcba. This means that changing SP26 from 0 to 1 will not set channel-16 to 100% automatically.

  • To make a setpoint save, write the value in a negative. For example to save 1234, type -1234.

  • You cannot set a setpoint without putting the PHD password into the DD point "SP Ctrl". The password is 461.


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