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Compatibility FAQs
Compatibility FAQs
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Can PSM Units be connected to 120 VAC power?

It is recommended that PSM units be connected to at least 208 VAC power. See the PSM product page for exact specifications.

Does Nextek's system require batteries?

No. DC storage batteries are optional for our systems. However, Nextek's system is designed to utilize battery power in the most efficient way possible, so implementing a battery backup system would be even more practical with Nextek's system.

What available products can be powered by Nextek's system?

Nextek's system is Emerge Alliance registered, meaning it will power all Emerge Alliance registered products. This list is vast and continues to grow every day. Please visit the Emerge Alliance website for a full list of standardized products:

What AC light fixtures are compatible with Nextek's DC ballasts?

Most AC fluorescent lighting fixtures are compatible with the Nextek DC Ballasts. Many manufacturers now produce factory-assembled fixtures that include Nextek DC Ballasts, which require only a simple retrofit procedure. For an up-to-date listing of these fixtures, refer to the registered products section at or give us a call: 313-887-1321 / email us:

Can AC powered fluorescent and CFL fixtures be converted to DC by just swapping out thew ballast from AC to DC?

In most cases, existing, popular style AC fluorescent luminaires can accept a replacement Nextek DC Ballast. Each luminaire needs to be assessed to determine its compatibility. The AC wiring to existing luminaires would most likely need to be replaced with new wiring designed to connect with the Nextek PSM unit. A Nextek Retrofit Kit for 1-Lamp, 2-Lamp, and CFL Ballasts is an easy-to-install conversion product. Note that in this potential application, the modified product would not be UL listed or Emerge Alliance Registered.

Are DC microgrid system designs covered by the NEC?

Yes. Components, wiring, and overall system design and function for a DC Microgrid system are in the voltage range of the systems as defined by the NEC.

Can Nextek ballasts run on AC and DC Power?

No. The Nextek ballasts for Emerge Alliance based systems can only be connected to 24 VDC Power.

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