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Installation FAQ's
Installation FAQ's
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Do Licensed Electricians need to wire and install the 24v components and fixtures, or can general trades personnel do that work?

Installation of the PSM should be performed by a licensed electrician as the process deals with high voltage wiring. Once installed, PSM channel cables can be installed by general trades personnel. At 24 volts, these installations and reconfigurations can even occur while the PSM is powered on.

Is there a seperate color standard for DC wiring so that it does not become confused with an AC wire?

There is no specific color standard for wire markings for DC systems. It is recommended that DC wiring and devices have a different form of identification than similar AC components.

Won't there be a loss of power through wiring for 24VDC distribution cables?

The length of low voltage cables that connect power to the DC devices or an Energized Ceiling Grid are defined within the Emerge Alliance Standard as follows: Power Cable Assemblies should not exceed the lengths noted in the table below for circuits that are designed to carry full load currents. Circuits dedicated to sensors, user controls, and other low-power devices may exceed these limits.

alt text

Do I need to replace light switches with DC rated switches?

Existing switches may be used with Nextek products. The nature of the PSM allows advanced controls to seamlessly integrate into your lighting. This upgrade from basic traditional switches can reduce costs, increase lighting flexibility, and provide tailored lighting solutions to the workplace.

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