AC or DC Power
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Historical Facts: AC/DC DEBATE, EDISON vs. TESLA, circa 1900

Nicola Tesla: "Alternating Current will allow the transmission of electrical power to any point on the planet, either through wires or through the air, as I have demonstrated."
Thomas Edison: "Transmission of AC over long distances requires lethally high voltages, and should be
outlawed. To allow Tesla and Westinghouse to proceed with their proposals is to risk untold deaths by electricity."

Tesla: "How will DC power a 1,000 horsepower electric motor as well as a single light bulb? With AC,
the largest, as well as the smallest load, may be driven from the same line."
Edison: "The most efficient and proper electrical supply for every type of device from the light bulb to
the phonograph is Direct Current at low voltage."

Tesla: "A few large AC generating plants, such as my hydroelectric station at Niagara Falls, are all you
need: from these, power can be distributed easily wherever it is required."
Edison: "Small DC generating plants, as many as are required, should be built according to local needs,
after the model of my power station in New York City."

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