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Power Hub Driver (PHD)
Power Hub Driver (PHD)
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Due to ever-changing building and energy codes, power and lighting systems are undergoing an industrywide transformation. Components need to be interactive, responsive, efficient, reliable, and in one word: SMART! The Power hub Driver provides the ideal platform to support this evolution of smart power
technology. The PhD offers fully integrated, multiple communication options and a significant array of builtin safety and performance features. The PhD supports a wide assortment of highly efficient DC powered fixtures and loads for buildings of today and tomorrow. The PhD offers you an unparalleled opportunity to provide your building with full integration using a variety of renewable power sources. In short, our PhD is ‘Really Smart Power.'

• Nextek’s Power Hub Driver converts 120, 208, 240, 277VAC, or 380VDC power to 24VDC through 16
individual Class 2 outputs. The Power Hub Driver has a wireless remote control and monitoring system.
• The system advantage of our Power Hub Driver is its safe, low-voltage DC distribution system, which
supports quick “plug-and-play” with energy efficient and individually controllable Direct Current (DC)
lighting and other loads.

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