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Sky Controls Security and Connectivity Options
Sky Controls Security and Connectivity Options
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This document first presents an overview of the SKY-CONTROLS system, its linked parts, and the security protocols that link them. Then, we discuss which features are lost if certain connections are unavailable or not allowed.

The Nextek SKY-Controls system consists of End Points connected to one or more SKY-Bridge gateways within a site via a wireless mesh network. The protocol is 6LoWPAN over IEEE 802.15.4 unlicensed spectrum at 2.4GHz. The SKY-Bridge also has a standard Ethernet port to connect to the Internet for configuration, monitoring, data analysis, archiving, and debugging. There are five main points of communication in this system, each with its own protocol, connection method, and security layers. As described above, many of these ‘links’ can either be broken, or replaced with a different method, and the system will still maintain its core functionality. What follows is a more detailed discussion of the individual links in the System Architecture, the protocols with which they communicate, and the security measures that have been taken or could be taken on each.

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