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I've created scenes for my location and all devices have the scenes in them, according to the app. However, when I pushed the sw8 button, the lights are not having the effect that they were programmed to have.


To check if a switch is being heard, you want to do a pan_tail to verify which linkid is being executed from the app. This will help you understand the traffic and if a device is ignoring it or if the linkid being sent is incorrect.

A pan_tail will allow you to see all the devices that an AMBR can see and all of the devices neighbors and routes.

Gather the data

1. What is the linkid of the scene that is not working?

2. Getdata for that device that would have triggered the linkid (the last 4 in the actionable from the pan_tail)

  • Establish that the device is talking

  • Ex: ping 9e1b

3. Print the action table

  • Ex: print 9e1b

4. Search for the linkid that should be triggered for the action you are expecting

  • Example: what is the linkid for the on scene?

5. Is the linkid in the action table?

  • If yes, run pan_tail

How to Run Pan_Tail

  • Change the 3 digit mac at the end for the AMBR you are pan_tailing

  • This link is a short term solution

2. Once the screen populates the data, here is what you should look for:

  • The word "actionable" to see if a scene is being triggered or called

  • You should look for the second row in the pan_tail; if the first line is missing it is not a big deal



Button 1 Release (short_press_release)


Button 2 Release (short_press_release)


Button 1 Long Press


Button 2 Long Press


Button 1 Long Release


Button 2 Long Release


  • If the switch wasn't programmed right, it would not trigger the next line - this means that the device is not repeating or telling the (mlth, phd, etc) to trigger the linkid

  • If the pan_tail is accurate, then the issue could be with the phd or a failed sync

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