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Sensor 2 Connection Issues
Sensor 2 Connection Issues
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An installer plugged in a sensor 2 to a controller (driver/ALC) and the sensor is not turning on/off the lights.

Initial steps:

  1. Rule out that the issue is related to the controller by using the slider or switch to ensure that the controller works.

  2. Rule out a commissioning issue: check the scenes to make sure the device is added to the scene correctly.

  3. Getdata on the device and check the sensor ID: getdata (last 4) -f 1

If the sensor ID is 99, follow the steps below.


A. Power cycle (or reboot) ALC or Driver

B. Check that the sensor is active (yellow on motion, green if you stand very still) if the sensor LED acts as the video below.

  1. Swap the cable for a 3 ft amatis test cable, Start at A.

  2. Test impedance between the center 2 pins of the cable (20 ohms is bad, 1k or more is good, RMA sensor ALC)

  3. If we still have an issue swap the sensor, Start at A.

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