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AMBRs down - responsese
AMBRs down - responsese
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  1. If ambrs are powered up, device <-> comms will all be flawless

  2. If ambrs are down, everything SHOULD work well, but there are some cases where devices really far from each other might not hear each other

  3. If there are schedules, no ambr will be a problem obviously. They just wont fire

  4. The internet should never affect anything except commissioning and data logging

  5. If a PHD is in a wacky state and no one has commissioned anything in a while, it should be power cycled because we know they freak out and lock up sometimes.

  6. Probably we should teach the facilities people that if there is a problem in more than one room near by each other, they should find the breaker for that area and cycle it, THEN report the issue to us (even if it is resolved by that)

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