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Using the Charts Feature
Using the Charts Feature

Use this article to navigate the "Charts" feature in your Amatis App

Written by Jesus Ibarra
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Here's Why

Charts allow users to get a bird's eye view of their energy usage across their site. If you are ever experiencing issues with a specific location, you can also view the devices in that location and pinpoint the root of the issue.

Before you Use the Feature

  1. Make sure you have an Amatis administrator or company account

  2. AMBR and the devices you'd like to graph must be online and communicating for this feature to function properly

  3. If you have any questions about the feature, please contact

To access the new graphing feature, log into the Amatis app and click on the "charts" icon in the left navigation menu. Once you're inside, you will have a wide variety of tools to better help you graph the data points of the devices on your site.

Selecting Data Points: To select a data point to graph, simply check the box next to the desired data point.

Change chart view: Click on the arrow next to the section that says "Line Graph" and a drop down menu should appear with different graphing views. Select the one you'd like to use and you should see it on your screen.

Time Filter: Once you graph a device, you should see an option on the top-middle of your screen that says "Time Filter". Click on the arrow and select the time period you'd like to graph. You can also graph a data point from a specific time range by selecting the start and end date.

Search by column: You can search for a data point by a specified column by clicking on the search bar in that column and searching for the category you'd like.

Menu: The menu feature on the top right gives you the option to save your chart, export the chart to a csv, or clear your filters.

Column Chooser: The graph icon to the left of the search bar gives you the option to select or deselect the columns you would like.

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