Update your AMBR firmware

Updates are made, automatically, to the Amatis Border Router (AMBR) firmware when new features are added, to improve usability or to resolve issues. 

Today, customers are notified of firmware releases directly by an Amatis representative.

Update your AMBR firmware


1. Log into the AMBR App 


2. Select the hamburger menu in the top right



3. Select "Administrative" > Select "Update"



4. Upload .zip firmware update provided by your Amatis representative.

  • If you did not receive a .zip file, but your AMBR is due for an upgrade, send us a general inquiry. If your version is up to date, then you will see "Current Verzion matches newest signed bundle from cloud!". 



5. Select "Submit"


6. Verify the update is complete.

This could take ~10 minutes to complete. Review the PAN column in the AMBR app to confirm the firmware version is updated.



7. Review the update

Review the changes released in the firmware update and determine how they should impact your existing site. For example, a new feature may be a benefit you can add to your location. 


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