New devices are not displaying in the app


I am unable to find a newly plugged-in device from my Amatis phone app or


1. Log into the Amatis App

  • Select the AMBR feature in the left navigation to try investigating the device's master status. The child-parent status in sites configured with multiple Amatis Border Routers (AMBRs) needs to be accurate for new devices to show up in the config app.



2. If you are a company or admin user, log into the AMBR tab

  • Username: admin
  • Password: lmbrpass


3. Select the hamburger icon > Select "Restart Routing Apps" > Refresh your page



4. If you have a multi-AMBR site: Confirm if the device has been recently moved to a child router from the master



5. If you have a multi-AMBR site: Select the hamburger icon > Select "Administrative" > Select "Build Master Routes" 



If you need further support, send us a general inquiry or submit a ticket below. 

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