Logging into your Amatis Border Router

The AMBR app is integrated into the Amatis app to enhance user experience. 


Follow these steps to log in:

1. Log into your Amatis App


2. In the left navigation, select the AMBR App feature



3. Log into the AMBR app

  • Username: admin
  • Password: lmbrpass



4. Upon login, you are connected to your local AMBR



If you are unable to log in through the Amatis app, follow the steps below: 

1. Log into the local IP address of your Amatis Border Router (AMBR).

  • If you’re not familiar with IP scanners, we recommend Angry IP Scanner for desktop or FING from your mobile device. 
  • Type in “LMBR-first three digits on your AMBR sticker.local"
  • Look for LMBR with the 3-digit site ID

  • Copy the IP address associated with the 3-digit site ID into your search bar. It’s likely that you’ll get a message that your connection is not private. This is expected and ok. Click on advanced and proceed to the IP. 



2. Log into the AMBR app

  • Username: admin
  • Password: lmbrpass

Upon login, you are connecting to your local AMBR.


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