Installation Types

There are three installation types for the Amatis Advanced Load Controller. 

Option 1: Per Fixture Control

Per fixture control allows more customization, compared to groupings of fixtures that provide a maximum return on investment. 

Pros Cons
Maximum customizability, grouping, data, capability, and flexibility Highest Amatis material cost
No circuitry limitations or labor estimation risk  




Option 2: Convenient Zone Control

Convenient Zone Control is when the pre-existing circuitry does not need to be modified to accommodate the newly proposed lighting zones. 

Pros Cons
Minimal Amatis material cost Controlled zone is defined by current circuitry which may not be ideal 
Primary labor effort limited to low voltage 0-10V Re-zoning not possible
Minimal labor effort if no 0-10V dimming required  



Option 3: Inconvenient Zone Control

Inconvenient Zone Control is when the circuit needs to be broken and re-established by connecting necessary fixtures and running unswitched power to the start of each zone.

Pros Cons
Minimal Amatis material cost (same as option 2) Complete overhaul of existing circuitry = maximum labor required
  Re-zoning not possible




  • Designing controls into a space is often a balance between material and labor costs
  • Saving material costs is possible, but be sure to understand the labor impact first
  • Per-fixture controls offers the most flexibility with the lowest labor risk
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