Restoring ALC and Smart Driver connectivity


My devices are not working!


Is the blue LED button on the ALC or Smart Driver flashing? 

Note: This means that your devices are not communicating with the mesh network and the blue button can be used to manually toggle the relay. 

  1. Press the blue button 1 time to reboot the device 

    • You will hear the relay click and toggle
    • The light will flash blue a few times before presenting a solid blue
    • If the light is still flashing after a few minutes, it is still not connected to the network
      1. Verify that the ALC or Smart Driver are wired up correctly
      2. Submit a ticket below

    • Send the device back to defaults and recommission by pressing the blue button 7x. 

  3. WARNING: 

    • As an absolute last result: send the device back to defaults and factory reset it by pressing the blue button 10x. Note that this will make the device lose all of its data and Amatis will not be able to troubleshoot after. Please send us an inquiry prior to conducting this step. 


Is the blue light on the ALC or Smart Driver solid?

Note: The issue you are seeing is probably not related to the devices. Check out our Amatis App troubleshooting steps to continue. 


If you need further support, send us a general inquiry or submit a ticket below. 

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