Ontario rebates and incentives

SaveONenergy is one of the main utility providers in Ontario offering 2 lighting upgrades incentives in commercial buildings, to help reduce energy use by improving the efficiency of their properties.


saveONenergy Small Business Lighting Program

This program offers small businesses that demand less than 100kW of energy:

  • Up to CAD $2,000 for the purchase of DLC™ certified products. Amatis was DLC™ certified in 2019.
  • Free installation 
  • Free lighting evaluation 


Retrofit Program

This program offers 2 levels of incentives for upgrading to retrofits:

  • Prescriptive: predefined incentives based on a per unit cost
  • Custom: incentives based on pre-project baselines with a cap of 50% of the project cost
    • Lighting: CAD $400/kW demand savings or CAD $0.05/kWh of first year electricity savings, whichever is greater
    • Lighting controls systems: CAD $800/kW or CAD $0.10/kWh of first year electricity savings, whichever is greater 

To qualify, your project must be worth a minimum incentive of CAD $1500.

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