British Columbia rebates and incentives

FortisBC Electricity one of the main utility companies, offers a rebate program for businesses to upgrade to LED lighting and lighting controls systems.


Business & Industry Commercial Lighting Rebates

FortisBC offers rebates to their current customers and new construction projects for lighting products that are ENERGY STAR™ or DLC™ certified.

The rebates qualify for the following products:

  • Lighting controls 
    • Occupancy sensors: CAD$25 per control for ceiling or wall-mounter and switch-plate or fixture-mounted 
    • Amatis products qualify for this rebate because we are DLC™ certified.
  • LED Lamps 
    • CAD$5-$30 per luminaire depending on watts
  • LED interior luminaires
    • CAD$35-$150 per luminaire depending on watts
  • LED exterior and parking garage luminaires
    • CAD$30-$150 per luminaire depending on watts
  • LED street lights and exterior pole/arm mounted luminaires
    • CAD$70 -$150  per luminaire depending on watts
  • LED refrigeration case lighting
    • CAD$4 per linear foot 
  • LED backlit signage
    • CAD$5 per linear foot 


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