Reset your AMBR to DHCP, Static, or Factory Defaults


My router is set in the wrong mode and I cannot log into my AMBR app, I need to switch from static to DHCP or vice versa. 


We highly recommend using the AMBR app to modify network settings. If you cannot access your AMBR app because your network config settings are unknown or incorrect, follow the steps below. 



Before proceeding, keep in mind:

  1. The color of the LED signifies the mode that the AMBR will be in when you exit config mode; be sure to check that your LED colors match what is listed below each mode.
  2. It is okay if you over-press Button B, continue to press it until the LED matches the mode you are expecting.

Step 1: Press and hold button B for 3 seconds to enter config mode - AMBR will present a solid red and flashing white LED. 

Step 2: Determine which of the following you want to reset to, then follow the steps below it.


Reset to DHCP

  1. Press Button B one time. Your AMBR will present a solid blue and red with a flashing white LED.


Reset to Static

  1. Press Button B two times to confirm reset. Note: The first time will set it to DCHP, but the second will set it to static. Your AMBR will present a solid yellow and red with a flashing white LED.


Exit config mode 

  1. Press Button B three times to exit config mode. Note: The first time will set it to DHCP, the second will set it to static, and the third will exit. Your AMBR will present a flashing blue LED if it’s on a DHCP, a flashing yellow LED for Static and flashing yellow and blue LED for default pan settings.


Reset to Factory Defaults

Warning: This will remove all config data and DHCP. Also, if you had an encryption on your AMBR and it is now on a different channel, a factory reset will allow you to return the device to DHCP

  1. Press and hold Button B for 15s to confirm.


If you need further support, submit a ticket or send us a general inquiry. 


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