Illinois rebates and incentives

Commonwealth Edison Co is the sole electric provider in Chicago and most of Northern Illinois, while Ameren Illinois covers the reminder of the state. Each offer incentives for lighting upgrades and lighting controls, to help reduce energy use by improving the efficiency of their properties.


Commonwealth Edison Co. 

ComEd, an Exelon Company, offers the Energy Efficiency Program for new construction or major renovations. This provides a financial incentive and technical support from the design stage all the way to installation of controls systems. The incentives are focused on energy-saving LEDs - fixtures replacements and retrofits - networked lighting sensors and controls. 

  • Instant discounts provided if a consumer uses ENERGY STAR™  or DLC™  certified providers.
  • Amatis Controls was DLC™ certified in September 2019. 


Ameren Illinois 

Ameren’s lighting incentives offers cash incentives for lighting projects that include:

  • Lighting Controls: $20 - $40/unit

The maximum incentive is up to $500,000 per project in the following areas:




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