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Our Help Center is designed as a hub for all your support needs. This quick overview will break down each of the sections to guide you to what you are looking for or inspire you to learn more about our system. Keep in mind that this Help Center will evolve as we do, so be sure to check back in regular

Intro to Amatis


  • Get started with Troubleshooting! 
  • Have you already installed our system and are running into issues? 


Release Notes

  • Want to be in the know for our Amatis app feature releases?
  • Want to be in the know for our AMBR updates?


  • Want to learn more about the simplicity of our Amatis App and what you can do on it?
  • Want to learn more about our the heart of our system - the Amatis Border Router?
  • Have you previewed the behind the scenes look in our Dashboard?
    • Did you know that you could graph your energy savings and more on the dashboard? 
  • Want to learn more about the functionality of our Advanced Load Controller? 
    • Do you know that ALC's can be configured for plug load energy savings?
  • Want to learn more about our retrofit solution - our Smart Driver?
    • Did you know that these drivers install much like other LED drivers?
  • Want to learn more about our switches?
  • Want to learn more about our sensors?
    • Did you know that they detect 4 parameters - motion, temperature, light, and humidity? 

The Footer

Our footer is home to all your interactions with the Help Center. 

  • My Tickets: Have you submitted a ticket with us and want to track it's progress or even check in on its resolution?
  • Submit a ticket:  Have you run into an issue with our system? Let us know what it is so we can ensure a speedy follow up.
  • General Inquiry: Want to learn more about our system, devices, or have any lingering questions? Send us an email and we'll be sure to follow up within 24 hours during normal business hours. 
  • Join our community: Do you have any ideas for feature requests that could enhance your experiences with our app or devices? Submit a feature request! Or is there a topic of conversation you want to start with us about the industry or our system? Don't worry about it being a fully fleshed out idea, we are always happy to talk to you about it! 

Learn Even More:

Check out the 10 Steps from designing our lighting controls into your space all the way to commissioning our devices! 


Can't find what you're looking for? Send us a general inquiry and we will follow up!

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