My light is stuck on


My light is stuck on all the time. 


While making changes to your devices in the app, your device may not have been added to the action table. If you are a company or admin user, follow these steps to re-add the device:

1. Log into the Amatis App


2. In the left navigation, select the Location icon > select the location where the light is stuck on


3. In the left navigation, select the Scenes icon


4. Select "Unoccupied"



5. In the Actions tab, notice that the driver controlling the light that is stuck on, is not in the actions table. 



6. Select "Edit"


7. Select the "+" within the actions table



8. Search or Type in the "Choose Device to Add" the device controlling the light that is stuck on 


9. In the Choose Action, select "Set Manual Duty (%,Fade)"



10. Set the "Var_1" to match the "Var_1" in the device above



11. Select Save


12. Sync the device 


If your light is now stuck off, follow these troubleshooting steps to ensure that the device can turn on and off.  If you need further support, submit a ticket or send us a general inquiry. 

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